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About Us

FXCAPXMAX was founded by a team of industry leading veterans, with only one goal, to provide traders with the best possible conditions for trading forex and CFDs. Our team of technologists, traders, account executives, and operations staff works tirelessly with only one goal – your trading success! In order to build the best trading environment for successful trading, we have established top of the line liquidity provider relationships, world beating trading technology, and we have invested in the necessary support structures to give all our traders the best possible service and access to the world’s largest financial market, the FOREX market!

No matter your trading strategy, FXCAPXMAX is here to support you throughout your trading career. Whether you are a new trader who needs help understanding the basics of how the forex market works, an experienced trading with years of successful trading under belt, a large or small introducing broker or money manager, or a large fund or institution, FXCAXPMAX can assist you on your journey to trading success and profits!